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Guaranteed Weight Loss
Lifestyle Management
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Weight Loss with
Shaun Kelley
2-3 PM Wednesday - Friday

Shaun Kelley Guaranteed Weight Loss is a lifestyle management program that tailors fitness and eating to every person enabling them to form a strong foundation. Kelley professes his philosophy of lifestyle management to Houston’s elite from a spacious facility off San Felipe and Voss.
Tailoring a lifestyle program for the client is more than just a workout or diet regiment. It is an approach to life that will ensure that the client not only meets his/her objectives, but also is able to maintain the level of fitness achieved on a long-term basis.
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Shaun Kelley

The Shaun Kelley Guarantee
"In just 30 hours, spread over 60 sessions, 5 times a week for 90 days, I guarantee you will look better, feel better, and be pleased with your achievement"
- Shaun Kelley

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